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Related article: Date: Thursday, August 26, 2010 13 41st 34 -0500 From: Justin Luong u003cjrl816 hotmail. com u003e Subject: Bromance Chpter three Chapter Three : Dog Pile Brody Sat impatiently in the hallway of her room and stared the door. He heard nothing. It had happened on the day immediately after the incident all yesterday. He prayed that nothing happens really real was to take someone playing a cruel joke, but when he woke up , noting that Fang pressed his body was a cage, and was an attempt to maintain everything inside. The show quickly emotional disappeared when Miss Harriet went to the police yesterday. It is now almost two hours since the police were locked in reclaim the space questioned about what happened yesterday and Brody restless. Miss Harriet went upstairs and sat next to Brody. " Everything is fine Brody. Why do not you come down and have some pancakes " suggested Miss Harriet. " You can not do. I can not eat, not knowingh it all happen. I need to know is that to take in order. " " He is. The police will do everything possible to find the man who did this n to fish in jail. "N " I need you to stay. For fishing. " Harriet sighed and rose again. He looked at the door then Brody. He shook his head and headed for the stairs. Suddenly opened the door and went fishing ignoring Brody. " Hey catch as -. " The officer came out and shook his head. " What is happening? "Brody asked anxiously. " You're friend is denied, the hearing next week. If you want all men to go to jail, you must attend the hearing and testify. He is the only sacrifice we have to still alive. We need it. " Brody, the man grabbed her by the shoulders and asked, " What do you mean the one live sacrifice? Are you saying that there were others ? " " Yes, they want to see their graves? Or maybe you want to see the final result after having done with them. " " I'll talk to him. " " Well, if you know how to declare,next week, contact me. Here's my card, " said the policeman Brody to your card. Brody took the card and put it in your back pocket. Then you have two n down the stairs and realized that the door was open to fishing is bombarded with reporters, photographers and journalists. crashed two to make the side. "catch, it feels like the only surviving victim of thieves V" asked a reporter " I - uh. " " What makes you different from other victims, " asked a reporter " I -. I have to go, " murmured the capture pushed reporters, photographers and journalists n of the form " expect to catch up! " Brody cried her way through the crowd. catch his pace quickened even more distanced from the people and Brody. Brody then ran after him. Fang looked back and realized Brody was behind him, so he ran well. " Brody Leave me alone," cried the receiver. Brody ran the length of catch and fishing tackle is in a courtyard near you. Fang Brody push away from him, but Brodygrabbed her wrists and pinned him to the ground. " I just want to help, do not you understand ? " Brody asked. " You're hurting me ! " Fang was panting. Brody quick release catch and stood up. Fang sat up and rubbed his wrists s. "Sorry, I - I was - I would not have to be so rude to you, " Brody justified. ", I know. I do not know what is wrong with me. I am proud to be a strong person inside and out, but I've broken. I just want to be alone. " n " I can not take yesterday they were alone and see what s that happened," " I know, but I Preteen Top -.. Every time I close my eyes I see his face, and startled me. " " I'm sorry. fang, I will do everything possible to ensure that no one touches you, that never again, but this next hearing weeks and to bear witness. " " I can not. " " Why not ? "n " I just said ! I'm afraid, if I see again, you can not the control of my actions. When you go to jail, should also apply to adultery. " " It was not your fault. " " How andou say that with this promise? I knew what was there " n " in fishing. " catch up and clenched his fists. " I am a slut, a whore. And yet you are still here. Why? " " Because I know you're not there. You're just in shock, "said Brody brings Fang in a hug. catch finds its head in the chest Brody. ", but I'm not. Sorry, Brody. I just do not understand, "said Fang, as n Brody quickly punched in the stomach knocking the wind out of him. A few minutes later, Brody woke up in the house with the assumption police Miss Harriet ny hovering over it. "Where is Fang ? " Brody said clutching his stomach. " expect you to tell us, " said the policeman. " You mean, you know it not? "Brody asked. " When I met you, you were in someone's yard. I'm not going guess it right. " " I tried to help catch, but he would not listen. He was set to be alone. I to find it. " " I have already sent some people to patrol. " " I do not think it will work. If you do not want to find, I do not We will find it, " Brody said with his head in his hands. " We're going to find, I promise. But now, just rest. " " I can not. Not to touch out there alone. " ", They will not help anyone if you do not rest. Just trust me. " " No, I have to - to " " Please, Brody, trust him.. He knows what he's doing. " Sighed Brody and sat down. " You better be right, "said Brody went upstairs to her room. *** catch a grass field face. I had no idea where I was, but did not care all I wanted was to be alone. looked around, and he got what he wanted, complete solitude. it felt good, and not need this fucking annoying police what happened, to hear yesterday and if all you testify against Vince next you weeks, if not experienced pretty bad. While I was busy Fang thought to himself, he left his hat as he listened to his environment. "get to the park? "A deep male voiceSked behind him. catch quickly stood and turned. Before him were three men n dressed in black and white masks empty. " Who cares ?" Fang said. "Vince wants you out of the picture. " N " You work for him?" Fang asked fists. " You can not answer. " " Now you can tell him not to go to trial next week. I just want to all this behind me. " \\ \\ n " This is not enough. began our teacher. Now we want is gone s well. " " we? I thought you said that I wanted out of the picture. " n "us. the. 's all the same. while you're gone, they can not see n away from us. " n "You are victims too. But he said all the other victims are dead. " " Feign Death is not so difficult to Sweety,. " " I'm not your love so leave me alone. ' "n " This is not the way we work. you're like us, but to die for you, will be forever. " catch him and put his fists to his feet firmly apart. " Hey!" shouted a female voice behind catcher rough. A big girls, white teenagers standing behind catcher. She had long, platinum blonde hair that stopped at the end of his back. She wore a white button up shirt and could see there was a simple white shirt with a deep and long black skirt to the knee. He also wore a dark blue letterman jacket. " Stay out of this lady. This is not your thing. Make nice to your mother n ". "Should not people like you stay in your designated three cages to feed time? And do not think my mother does not cry anymore. If I give you three to is the truth to say I'm very happy that I'm not, I would go away from dad. oh wait , we can not, "said her fists before her. The girl ran to the three men and began the brutal three men to a pulp. After a few minutes, the three men put their hands at the dedication. They all Preteen Top got up and ran. The woman sighed and went fishing. "get to the park I take? The name is Evelyn MacIntyre, " she said arm extended. " Thanks " by FangHelp with a trembling hand. N " How do you know who I am? " "message, and my father. " " You are the father? " "He is a detective who worked with Lucas. " " Lucas? " " the police officer who meets the query for you. So they are just to witness next week ? " n " Yes, I do not want to live this moment again. There is too much. just want to live my life without any more drama. " n "I regret to say that although some of the drama of of life. in my view drama a test. " " a test ? What do you mean ? " " Theatre is a test for all living beings to see if you can Preteen Top customize certain life situations and still live. Wherever you go, Preteen Top what you do, or What have you done, is the drama to test their well being. to view of drama in the eyes and show that you are here to stay, you're here, to live. otherwise you're going to play again is in the tension and stress can be fear that eventually can be fatal. "n " I did not kill me. This goes against my morals. I will move on and forget. " ", but what about others ? " " You are still alive, could see. " " I do not want them. I mean the other hand, the victim will be in this scum is behind them. If you do not know what to say, will go after other people there is a possibility that they die for real. " " You do not know the future. " " So you think that after this whole ordeal again, will it stop? " " This is not my problem. " " It's not your problem and you are the solution. I can not force me to testify, , but I can sure as hell do our best to convince him. To see the light. " " I'll think about it, "said Fang with his head down. " Well, I hope you make the right decision. So you have to go back to my place and wait for my father to come pick it up? " " Sure. "N Preteen Top *** " Miss Harriet, I can not sleep. While fishing is not out there. You have to let I go get it. " " It's midnight, Brody. You are very easy to wait for the morning. " " No, I can not wait. I'm going, you'll find it ! "Said Brody as n opened the door. "Wow, that was weird, "said Evelyn, who has just hit. " Who are the -. " the catch was to Evelyn Brody page and smiled. " I hope not too big, "said Fang with his head bowed. Brody went to pick up and gave him a hug. " Mad? I was very worried about you. Go straight to the search for you. " " Well, says the element of surprise, the door, " said Evelyn looked Evelyn Brody and gave him a look of amazement ". I'm Evelyn. You can thank me for bringing back his friend. " " Excuse me? " Brody said. " We are brothers, Evelyn. "Putting Evelyn left eyebrows and frowned. " Yeah, "said Evelyn himself. " Well, thanks for bringing back the the receiver. " " I have more. saved my life. " " Do not be arrogant. " " Brody, who in reality to save myself. The death of the victim came up to me tried to kill me. " " She has saved you from zombies? than hitting your head? " " Maybe I should explain, " Evelyn father, said it is the shadows n. " Let's go. " *** " So thefirst three victims are not dead? She faked her death to be in this motherfucker ? That would be stupid to do that? "Brody asked. " probably brainwashed. " " With what ? " " Fear Itself. " N " Therefore, if your partner had not been caught in the act became a trap , and the three ? " " most likely. If fishing is not resisted, he was dead, so to speak. "N " You are going to testify, the capture of the right? "Asked Brody to get money. " Yes, I will not let him hurt another child. As Evelyn said. "I am the solution " " " Hey, I give all the credit, showed him the light. Do their own decisions. " catch up and hugged Evelyn. As surprised as she hugged back capture. Publication capture and sat next to Brody. " Oh Father, do not forget what he meant Fang. " " Yes, I get to say goodbye.. " Fang asked surprised " " " Excuse me, you have to ask me to take " " Yes, "the father of Evelyn in silence n " I have to to say. " sai captured. "What? " Evelyn asked. "Why not? " " Our hypothesis is a pair. We will go together," said Brody. " Law can not be left alone for fear of a bad friend, he will mourn to sleep. " "Watch your mouth, brat! " Brody barking. " I'm afraid I can not see because it is physically impossible. " Has Brody quickly and put his left arm quickly grabbed Brody retire Brody. Fang looked up and Brody. Brody looked the other way, such as hardened teeth. "Sorry, but Evelyn what he said is true. I quit. We are brothers to the end. " " Well, do not worry, I'm just going to receive the two. " " What? "Evelyn Brody, and said at once. " Now Evelyn said she wanted a brother, and I always wanted kids as , if all is well with the three of you, I would like to adopt them. " " Now Brody capture, as it is? is it the "n " for with you two ? Wherever you go I will go, " whispered Brody receiver. catch nodded in the direction of Miss Harriet. " Well, I guess you and I s thatome of the paperwork to fill Mr. -. " " MacIntyre. Leave it to my wife, I'm sure you'll love this. " Mr. MacIntyre was followed by Miss Harriet out of his office with Evelyn accepted their new brothers. " It seems that we are sisters, "said Evelyn Brody. " I'm sure of are rather listed the matter. " " Then I do not know very well. The fact that you and I have a small arguments, does not mean that I am grateful to have you as my brother. " " Now I empacar and say goodbye to todos ", dijo Fang up. *** to the final of capítulo, toured the mismo disputas room sighed with readers. the author, took the man's hand and went to the back. the author is off his mask and therefore also to the people. n " After all, this mask is killing me, Brody. Can we say who we are be? Why are we with this? " " Well, I thought I'd give a slight advantage for today. " " 're fans just want to know who you are. Why do not you goIt gives a ? " " I do not read the book, Fang. They discuss all n after each chapter. I bet you just bought the book because the cover. " " Well, maybe I should make the top a little less than... homo. " " catch. " " I'm just saying. You are covered as an exaggerated impression of you and me. " " Technically, Evelyn moved. " " Brody. " " Just saying. " Suddenly the door opened by Brody and take a big, white female was for them. " Who let the dog? " Brody. Laughed " Oh very funny, Brody. Fang, I wanted to tell my father that if this is everything done, you want to stop by the store and for a few things for him. " " And what exactly are you doing? " Fang said. " I have to go pick up Brad from school. " " I've left the house and still treats me like I was the same child the 22 years of age. The mother can not do ? " " She is in another book club meeting or something. " " Gran. " soon, One of the fans going, and saw Brody and capture the real faces. The fans screamed and ran to catch and Brody. " Oh, my God, finally meet the best men in the world ! " " Oh, shit," said Brody. " Oh fuck me," sighed Fang. suddenly all the fans from running out the door hurry to catch and Brody. Evelyn eyes widened and moved slowly to back away from the riot police. Evelyn stumbled when he walked into one of the fans. "Holy Preteen Top Hell, that is EVELYN " " Oh, shit," said Evelyn closed her skirt, as the fans jumped on the it. So here is the end of the third chapter. I hope you enjoyed all read. I would like to hear from you.
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